striped cat at bowl feeder

Testing Water Intake

How to Measure Water Intake

Use a cat-friendly water delivery and drinking monitoring system like FelaquaTM Connect from Sure Petcare, which encourages your cat to drink and, based on your cat’s microchip, provides you with insights on your cat’s drinking behavior (via a smartphone App.)

  • Add a known amount of water from a measuring jug into an empty bowl
  • Add additional water to the bowl as required using a measuring jug.
  • Record how much water has been added to the bowl and subtract the amount of water left in the bowl after 24 hours – this is the amount of water your cat has consumed in one day.

Tools black striped cat drinking

FelaquaTM Connect from Sure Petcare

Water bowl

  • Clean measuring jug or bowl marked at a known volume using indelible marker Pet Diabetes tracker app cat

A place to record results

  • Sure Petcare app and Hub with FelaquaTM


  • Pet Diabetes Tracker mobile app or Diabetes Diary