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Testing Urine Glucose and Ketones

How to Measure Urine Glucose and Ketones

Depending on your veterinarian’s advice, you may be testing samples of your cat’s urine 1–3 times per day

  • Early in the morning, just before the (first) insulin injection and meal
  • Late in the afternoon, just before the (second) insulin injection and meal
  • Late at night (just before bedtime)

If monitoring once daily, ideally the measurements should be made at the same time every day.

Tools cat litter that does not absorb the urine

A clean litter tray

Special cat litter that doesn’t absorb urine (this can be obtained from your veterinarian) or clean aquatic gravel Urine Dipsticks

Urine dipsticks

These may be supplied by your veterinary team Pet Diabetes Tracker App, a place to record results

A place to record results

Pet Diabetes Tracker mobile app or Diabetes Diary

How to Collect a Urine Sample

  • Some cats are quite proud about using a litter tray and may even announce when they are heading that way. For some cats, it may even be possible to catch a small sample of urine in a clean, dry container (dish, bowl, or small pan). When your cat begins to urinate, slowly slide the container under the urine stream.
  • Make sure only your diabetic cat has access to this tray and keep them indoors so that they have no other option than to urinate in the prepared litter tray.
  • Examples of non-absorbent cat litters than can help with urine collection include Katkor (little spherical litter beads which don’t absorb the urine) or Kit4Cat™ (which is a hydrophobic [non-absorbing] sand).
  • Once your cat has urinated within the litter tray use a pipette to transfer the urine into a sample pot (this is included within the special cat litter kits).

Using Urine Dipsticks testing icon

Step 1

Read the instructions to ensure you conduct the test correctly testing icon

Step 2

Immerse one test strip in urine to ensure the test pads are wet thoroughly testing icon

Step 3

Remove the test strip and tap gently to remove any excess urine testing icon

Step 4

Read the result at the time specified in the instructions testing icon

Step 5

Hold the dipstick against the color chart and compare the colors record icon

Step 6

Record the test results and the time of the sample collection and the most recent insulin dose