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About This Site provides information about diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats and the management of diabetic pets with Caninsulin. This website has been developed for you by MSD Animal Health to provide support for dogs and cats with diabetes and the owners and veterinary teams that care for them. MSD Animal Health is the global leader in veterinary diabetes care with expertise and experience in this field that spans more than 25 years.

MSD Animal Health is the manufacturer of Caninsulin, the first veterinary insulin approved for use in both dogs and cats, which is tried and trusted by veterinarians caring for diabetic dogs and cats in more than 45 countries. Caninsulin provides flexible options for easy dosing to suit all sizes of dogs and cats. Caninsulin is the first choice for diabetic dogs, suitable for once daily or twice daily administration, depending on the dog’s needs.1,2 Caninsulin is a good choice for diabetic cats, suitable for twice daily administration with clinical remission rates comparable to other commonly used insulin products.3,4 Sugar and Spike

“I didn’t know why I was always at my water bowl and so thirsty. I never left it to play. Good thing Sugar knew these were signs of diabetes.”


You may find it more convenient to visit a website in the country where you live. Always consult your package leaflet for the most recent product information and guidance.

If you would like advice on diabetes in dogs and cats or its management or more information please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or comments.

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