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Diabetes can be managed successfully with a daily routine of insulin treatment, diet and exercise

The goal of managing diabetes is to get your diabetic dog back to being as healthy and happy as possible. Insulin treatment is used to reduce elevated blood glucose, which reduces or eliminates signs, such as excessive thirst and urination and weight loss. Insulin dose needs to be managed carefully to avoid lower than normal blood glucose (hypoglycemia) and any associated signs, which occur when the dose is too high for your dog’s needs. 

You will work with your veterinarian to give insulin every day to improve or eliminate your dog’s clinical signs whilst avoiding (low blood glucose concentrations). animated dog named Spike with quote about diet and exercise for managing pet diabetes

“Sugar was right! I love my new routine – the food is so good I don’t notice my insulin injections and I go for plenty of walks with my owner. I’m starting to feel better already.”


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