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Check out these tools and resources to help manage your dog’s diabetes.

“I’m pretty lucky to have Sugar to share information about managing my diabetes”

– SPIKE animated dog animated dog and cat

“It’s not just me, Spike. My owner and veterinarian have been great at monitoring my care together”

– SUGAR Pet Diabetes Tracker App dog

Pet Diabetes Tracker Mobile App

Enables you to record and track information on your dog’s food & water consumption, signs like appetite and thirst and measurements like urine and/or blood glucose. Create reminders and alerts to suit your diabetic dog’s needs. Glucose Curve

Blood Glucose Curve Generator

Easily create and save blood glucose measurements and generate blood curves using this online tool. Blood glucose curves can help to show how the insulin dose given affects blood glucose. Diabetes Checklist

Helpful Downloads

Learn more about diabetes in dogs, including diagnosis, treatment and care, and Caninsulin® guides for giving insulin and tracking progress. dog using Sure PetCare Animo collar

Connected Pet Products

Connected Pet Doors and Behavior & Activity monitors help you monitor your dog’s activity and behavior by collecting and reporting data by day, week or month via the Sure Pet Care app on your smartphone

Think your pet has diabetes?

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