Module 4 Transcript

[MODULE 4—Loading a cartridge and priming]

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Voiceover: Welcome to module 4 of the Caninsulin VetPen training course. In this module, we will review how to load an insulin cartridge into VetPen and prime it to remove air.

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Module 4: Loading a cartridge and priming
Voiceover: We’ll start by loading an insulin cartridge. First, remove the VetPen cap. Then, unscrew the VetPen body from the cartridge holder.(superimposed copy)Loading a cartridge
(video—demonstration: 1. Remove pen cap; 2. unscrew cartridge holder)
Voiceover: The arrow on the VetPen body should point to zero, which is the start line on the dose selector. If it is not, push the release button.(video—demonstration: show the arrow pointing to zero; pointing to release button)
Voiceover: Check to make sure that the internal plunger is fully retracted. 
If not, you’ll need to rewind the internal plunger by holding the white lower part of the VetPen body between your thumb and finger. Turn the VetPen body gently in a clockwise direction until the internal plunger is fully retracted. 
(video—demonstration: ensure plunger is retracted; rewind plunger)
Voiceover: Prior to loading the cartridge in the VetPen, the amorphous and crystalline insulin suspensions must be thoroughly mixed. Because of the shape and design of the cartridge, it contains two glass beads to facilitate mixing. To mix the insulin in the cartridge, simply turn it up and down at least ten times until the insulin appears uniformly milky. 
The cartridge should only be used if the insulin is uniformly milky after mixing.
Load the cartridge by inserting the metal cap first into the holder. 

(video—demonstration: 1. Turn cartridge up and down; 2. Tight shot of cartridge containing uniformly milky insulin [not pictured]; 3. Insert cartridge) 
Voiceover: Next, screw the cartridge holder and VetPen body gently but firmly together.(video—demonstration: screw cartridge holder)
Voiceover: When loading a cartridge, priming is necessary to remove air bubbles.
Before starting, keep a clean, dry piece of tissue or swab handy to absorb any insulin that comes out of the needle during priming. 
Dial a 1-unit test dose. Then, holding the pen vertically with the needle pointing upward, tap the cartridge gently with your finger a few times to push any air bubbles to the top. Next, push and hold the release button towards the needle until the arrow on the pen body points to the start line on the dose selector.
It is very important to repeat these steps a number of times until insulin drips actively or squirts out of the needle tip and you do not see any air bubbles in the cartridge window as you turn VetPen upside down. Note that though a small amount of insulin may appear at the needle tip, you should continue to repeat these steps until air is completely removed and the insulin more actively drips or squirts out of the needle. This indicates that VetPen is primed.
(video—demonstration: 1. Hold pen with needle up; 2. Tap cartridge; 3. Push and hold release button until arrow points to start line)pen tap


(onscreen text)It is very important to repeat these steps until the VetPen® is primed.

Voiceover: That concludes module 4 of the Caninsulin VetPen training course. You now know how to load a cartridge into VetPen and prime properly to remove air.
You can now continue on to module 5, which will show you how to prepare the VetPen for use. 
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(on-screen text)Continue to Module 5: Preparing VetPen® for use
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