Module 3 Transcript

[MODULE 3—VetPen Parts]

Voiceover: Welcome to module 3 of the Caninsulin VetPen training course. In this module, we will review the individual components of VetPen.
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Module 3: VetPen components
Voiceover: The main body of VetPen is ergonomically designed for easy handling.(visual—the pen body with dose selector release button and plunger intact is highlighted and pulled away from the rest of the pen—see INTI-10606 for images of components) 
Voiceover: The dose selector allows you to provide precise doses simply by turning the dial. This reduces the chance of error by eliminating the need to manually draw insulin doses from a vial with a syringe.  
Never attempt to forcefully turn the dose selector back, as doing so may damage the pen and result in inaccurate dosing.
(superimposed copy)Dose selector
(visual—highlight the dose selector on the pen body) 
Voiceover: The dose selector adaptor may be used to provide a better grip when selecting a dose.
(superimposed copy)Dose selector adaptor
(visual—dose selector adaptor: may be brought to the forefront and then faded away or placed atop the dose selector) 
Voiceover: The release button is used to initiate injection of the insulin dose subcutaneously into the pet after inserting the needle through the pet’s skin. (superimposed copy)Release button 
(visual—highlight the release button on the pen body) 
Voiceover: Pressing and holding the release button activates the internal plunger, which ultimately causes insulin to be expelled through the needle. It is for this reason that you have to wait at least 5 seconds after the dose selector has returned to the start line for the injection to be completed.(superimposed copy)Internal plunger
(visual—highlight the internal plunger on the pen body) 
Voiceover: The release button extension may be used to provide a better grip when giving injections.(superimposed copy)Release button extension
(visual—release button extensions: may be brought to the forefront and then faded away or placed atop the release button) 
Voiceover: The insulin cartridge allows you to administer multiple doses. When all the insulin has been used, simply remove the empty cartridge and insert a new one. 
Please note that VetPen is designed only for use with cartridges containing 40 IU/mL Caninsulin manufactured by MSD Animal Health.
(superimposed copy)Insulin cartridge 
(visual—full pen image returns; the insulin cartridge is pulled away and isolated) 
Voiceover: When you push the release button, the internal plunger pushes the small red stopper at the end of the cartridge along to expel the selected insulin dose through the needle.(superimposed copy)Cartridge plunger
(visual—highlight the plunger within the insulin cartridge) 
Voiceover: The sturdy cartridge holder helps to protect the insulin cartridge from breakage during storage and transit. The numbers on the cartridge holder indicate the number of insulin units left in the cartridge when you hold the pen with the needle pointing downward.
(superimposed copy)Cartridge holder (visual—full pen image returns; cartridge holder is pulled away; or if possible, the holder slides over the cartridge) 
Voiceover: VetPen uses triple-sharpened needles that feature a silicone coating to help minimize required penetration force and injection discomfort for the pet. VetPen is designed for use with 29-gauge 12-millimeter pen needles only. Only these needles should be used with VetPen.(superimposed copy)29 G/12 mm needles only
(visual—VetPen with cap off and needle on; pull away the needle with protective cap) 
Voiceover: Each needle comes with two protective caps for safer handling.(superimposed copy)Protective cap
(visual—needle with protective cap on; highlight the 2 protective caps; remove if possible) 
Voiceover: The needle remover will help to remove used needles, while reducing the risk of accidental needle stick injuries.(superimposed copy)Needle remover
(visual— VetPen with cap off and needle on; needle remover moves over needle and then fades away) 
Voiceover: After removing the needle, the VetPen cap protects the insulin cartridge in between injections and allows the device to be carried easily in the travel pouch.(superimposed copy)VetPen® cap
(visual—pen cap sliding over VetPen without a needle) 
Voiceover: That concludes module 3 of the Caninsulin VetPen training course. You now should be familiar with the key components of VetPen.
You can now continue on to module 4, which will show you how to load and prime a cartridge in the VetPen. 
(visuals: lifestyle photos for VetPen library)
(on-screen text)Continue to Module 4: Loading and priming a cartridge 
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