Module 10 Transcript

[MODULE 10: Marketing Recommendations]

Voiceover: Welcome to module 10, the final module in the Caninsulin VetPen training course. We will conclude the course by reviewing some of the resources that MSD Animal Health has developed to help increase diabetes-related services at your clinic and support the pet diabetes management of your patients. 
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Module 10: Clinic support 
Voiceover: MSD Animal Health is a global leader in the treatment of pet diabetes. And we are committed to supporting you in addressing all stages of pet diabetes, from awareness and diagnosis to client counseling and ongoing management. 
(headline)MSD Animal Health supports you through all stages of pet diabetes
(copy—would like to present this visually as a continuum, perhaps with icons for each stage)Awareness Diagnosis Client counseling Ongoing management
Voiceover: The leadership of MSD Animal Health is built on our extensive experience with pet diabetes, as exemplified by Caninsulin, which is known as Vetsulin in the US, the veterinary insulin professionals have relied on for more than 20 years, and VetPen, the world’s first veterinary insulin pen.
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Voiceover: Our overarching goal is to help ensure that as many diabetic pets as possible are well managed so that they can continue to enjoy a happy, healthy life with their owners.
The more successful we are in achieving our goal, the more successful your clinic may be in increasing the volume of diabetes-related care you provide.
(headline)Goal #1: Ensure as many diabetic pets as possible are well managed
(visual—lifestyle photos of dogs and cats from VetPen library)
(copy)Your success is our success.
Voiceover: MSD Animal Health has developed helpful tools to help you reach 2 key objectives:  Increase client compliance by educating them about pet diabetes and giving them the resources to manage their pet’s diabetes confidently, and Position your clinic as a trusted expert in the management of pet diabetes and help differentiate your clinic among pet owners(headline)Resources developed to support you
(copy)Objectives: Increase client complianceDifferentiate your clinic among pet owners
Voiceover: First, we would like to introduce you to Pet Diabetes Month, a global campaign developed by MSD Animal Health to increase awareness of pet diabetes among your clients. 
(headline)Pet Diabetes Month™ campaign
(copy)Developed by MSD Animal HealthHelps increase client awareness of pet diabetes 
(visual—image from PDM campaign)
(logo)Pet Diabetes Month
Voiceover: We recognize that one of the biggest challenges in pet diabetes management is that your clients are unaware of the condition.
As a result, your clients often do not know that their pet can develop diabetes or what to look out for. As a result, signs can be missed or incorrectly attributed to aging or behavioral problems and pets are presented late.
That is why the Pet Diabetes Month campaign is focused on educating your clients about the condition and what it means for their pets. And with the inclusion of VetPen, awareness of pet diabetes can be expanded further.
Pet Diabetes Month happens every November to coincide with human diabetes awareness initiatives. Despite its name, Pet Diabetes Month is a year-round initiative.
An important objective of the campaign is to make your clients aware that if their pet develops diabetes, it can be managed successfully to enable the pet to continue to enjoy a happy, healthy life. Giving your clients a positive outlook can help demystify pet diabetes in their minds and alleviate any fears they may have about a diagnosis of diabetes in their pet. 
(headline)Challenge: Clients are often unaware of pet diabetes.
(copy)As a result, your clients often do not know: That their pet can get diabetes What the signs of pet diabetes are That pet diabetes can be managed successfully
(visual—image from PDM campaign)
(logo)Pet Diabetes Month
Voiceover: To help achieve this objective, we have developed campaign materials that help your clients learn how to recognize the signs of diabetes and assure them that their pet can be managed successfully and—with VetPen—more conveniently and accurately than ever.
The materials help start more conversations with your clients about diabetes and ensure more diabetic pets are properly diagnosed and managed.
(headline)Creating awareness of pet diabetes and VetPen®
(copy)Brings your clients into your clinic for diabetes discussions Shows your clients that pet diabetes can be managed—more conveniently and accurately with VetPenMore diabetic pets being diagnosed and well managed
(visuals—images of PDM pieces directed at pet owner awareness containing photos of dog drinking out of a toilet and dog and cat lying on couch) 
(logo)Pet Diabetes Month
Voiceover: Resources developed for the Pet Diabetes Month campaign include a robust educational website for your clients at that features an interactive risk assessment, pet owner educational brochures, waiting room posters for your clinic, and local public relations and advertising initiatives in participating countries.
By utilizing available materials in conjunction with the corporate efforts of MSD Animal Health, we can ensure more treatable diabetic pets are identified. 
(headline)Pet Diabetes Month™ resources
(copy)Educational client website— Client educational brochuresClinic waiting room postersLocal public relations and advertising initiatives in participating countries
(visual—images of a selection of materials)
(logo)Pet Diabetes Month
Voiceover: MSD Animal Health has also developed tools to help make it easier to counsel your clients and easier for your clients to manage their pet’s diabetes. 
These include worksheets to help you create glucose curves, monitoring sheets to help your clients keep track of their pet’s progress, insulin administration guides for clients, client education brochures, and websites that provide pet owners and their veterinary professionals with information on pet diabetes, diabetes management, Caninsulin, and VetPen. The website address for veterinary professionals is You can direct your clients to
These are just a sampling of what is available to you. Talk to your MSD Animal Health representative to learn more.
(headline)Pet diabetes management tools
(copy)Glucose curve worksheetsTreatment monitoring sheets Insulin administration guides Client brochures Website for veterinary professionals—kot-pies-cukrzyca-pl.pre.mah-branding.wpcust.comWebsite for clients—
Voiceover: MSD Animal Health provides ongoing educational opportunities and technical support to help you and your team provide the best possible care for your patients.
For information on education and technical support in your region, check your local MSD Animal Health website or contact your MSD Animal Health representative.
(headline)Ongoing educational and technical support
(copy)Check your local MSD Animal Health website or contact your MSD Animal Health representative.
Voiceover: You are now familiar with some of the resources that are available from MSD Animal Health to support pet diabetes management at your clinic.
We look forward to bringing you more useful resources in the future that will help set your clinic apart from other local clinics, help you become a trusted pet diabetes expert to current and prospective clients, and achieve the best outcomes for your clients and their pets.
(headline)We look forward to bringing you more resources
(copy)Set your clinic apart from local clinics Help you become a trusted pet diabetes expert Achieve the best outcomes for your clients and their pets
Voiceover: Congratulations, you have now completed the VetPen training course. You will be able to print a certificate of completion at the end of this module. (headline)Congratulations!
Voiceover: We hope you have learned more about how VetPen can make managing diabetes easier for you and your clients. You can access all the modules in this training course at any time to refresh your knowledge or share with your team members. (visuals: lifestyle photos for VetPen library)
(onscreen text)Share with your team members
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