Module 1 Transcript

[MODULE 1—VetPen overview]

Voiceover: Welcome to the Caninsulin VetPen training course. In module 1, you will be introduced to the world’s first veterinary insulin pen. With VetPen, you and your clients may start to look at pet diabetes management differently.
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Module 1: VetPen overview
Voiceover: For years, insulin pens have made managing diabetes more convenient for human diabetics. Now MSD Animal Health, a leader in pet diabetes management, has brought the same technology to veterinary medicine. 
VetPen was developed to make giving insulin injections to pets more convenient for pet owners. And the design of VetPen allows for easier and more accurate administration of insulin compared to syringes. 
Pet owners appreciate this convenience. In a 3-week study, close to 97% of pet owners reported that VetPen was easy to use overall. 
Let us take a look at the key benefits of VetPen and how it can help your clients manage their pet’s diabetes with confidence.
(on-screen text)VetPen® has been developed to: The same standards as human insulin pens provide better convenience for your clients improve dosing accuracy
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Voiceover: One of the most important benefits of VetPen is that it enables more accurate dosing consistently over time.
Its precision instrumentation allows a pet’s insulin dose to be set by simply turning the dose selector. And the added adaptor can make dose selection even easier for clients who may have poor eyesight, arthritis, unsteady hands, or other issues. So accuracy is not reliant on your client’s vision or dexterity.
(visual: show the dosing selector and dose adaptor to demonstrate ease of accurate dosing)
(on-screen text)Easy dosingSimple dose dial Pets receive precise doses every timeReduces chance of errors
Voiceover: In a recent laboratory study, VetPen was shown to enable more accurate dosing than syringes for low and medium doses. In fact, even when doses were drawn up by trained lab technicians, syringes were found to deliver at least 20% to 25% more insulin than needed for a 1-unit dose.1 
[Reference for reviewers]Reference: 1. Burgaud S, Riant S, Piau N. Comparative laboratory evaluation of dose delivery using a veterinary insulin pen. In: Proceedings of the WSAVA/FECAVA/BSAVA congress; 12–15 April 2012; Birmingham, UK. Abstract 121.
(visual: a syringe and VetPen side by side, perhaps highlighting VetPen to indicate it’s more accurate)
(on-screen text)VetPen® enables more accurate dosing than syringes
Voiceover: The precision of VetPen not only makes dosing and administration more accurate, its pen-shaped appearance also can make it less intimidating to your clients than the thought of having to draw up a dose from a vial and inject it using a syringe. VetPen can help alleviate the fears and concerns your clients may have about giving insulin injections. As a result, this can help your clients approach the management of their pet’s diabetes with a more positive attitude and more confidence.(visual: a syringe and VetPen side by side, perhaps highlighting VetPen to indicate it’s more accurate)
(on-screen text)Compared to syringes, VetPen® can:Appear less intimidatingHelp to build client confidenceLead to improved compliance 
Voiceover: The convenience that VetPen provides your clients can minimize the impact that managing their pets’ diabetes may have on their lifestyles.  
The multi-dose insulin cartridge used with VetPen allows your clients to prepare doses with fewer steps than syringes once a new cartridge has been fully primed for use.
The VetPen is also reusable and portable, so clients can take it with them when away from home and give their pets injections discreetly anywhere. The VetPen comes with a handy travel pouch, which makes it easy for your clients to carry everything with them. And because insulin cartridges may be kept at up to 25 degrees Celsius after opening, your clients won’t have to worry about refrigeration. Check the approved Caninsulin package insert for your country for details on storage. 
(visual: VetPen insulin cartridge; travel kit)
(on-screen text)Convenient for your clientsFewer preparation stepsReusablePortable Enables injections to be given discreetly anywhereVetPen may not need to be refrigerated  
Voiceover: The all-in-one construction of VetPen helps enhance insulin delivery safety. The double needle caps and sharps remover reduce the risk of accidental needle stick injuries.
With the multi-dose insulin cartridge, once air bubbles are removed by priming, subsequent injections remain free from air bubbles. 
The sturdy construction of VetPen reduces the likelihood of insulin spills and protects the insulin cartridge from breakage.
(visual: Double needle caps; sharps remover; insulin cartridge; full VetPen)
(on-screen text)Enhanced insulin delivery safety.Reduced risk of accidental stick injuriesReduced chance of air bubblesSturdy, all-in-one construction
Voiceover: VetPen uses 29 gauge, 12-millimeter needles that are triple-sharpened and specially lubricated. This reduces the penetration force required for injection and minimizes discomfort to the pet. In a study of VetPen users, 42% of cat owners reported that their pets’ reaction to injections improved when injections were given using VetPen instead of syringes.(visual: VetPen needles)
(on-screen text)VetPen® needles are:Triple-sharpened and specially lubricated Reduces required penetration forceHelps minimize pet discomfort
Voiceover: While VetPen features the same technology found in human insulin pens, it was developed specifically for use with diabetic dogs and cats.
Instead of 100 IU/mL human insulin, VetPen is used exclusively with 40 IU/mL Caninsulin, the insulin from MSD Animal Health that veterinarians have relied on for more than 20 years. 
Accurate dosing is crucial. The 40 IU/mL concentration of insulin delivered with VetPen allows for greater dosing accuracy, especially for small to medium doses, down to increments of zero point five international units.
(visual: VetPen; Caninsulin logo)
(on-screen text)Developed specially for use in dogs and cats used with 40 IU/mL Caninsulin®
Voiceover: VetPen is available in 2 convenient sizes: For greater precision, the first option has a maximum total dose of 8 IU, allowing for dosing increments of zero point five international units. For extra volume, the second option has a maximum total dose of 16 IU, with a dosing increment of 1 international unit (visual: 2 VetPen sizes)
(on-screen text)VetPen is available in 2 sizes
with dosing increments of:0.5 IU with an 8 IU VetPen1 IU with a 16 IU VetPen
Voiceover: This concludes module 1 of the Caninsulin VetPen training course. We hope you have learned more about how VetPen can help make managing diabetes easier for you and your clients.
You can now continue on to module 2, which will guide you on how to introduce VetPen.
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(on-screen text)Continue to Module 2: Talking to clients about VetPen® 
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